Chapter 2. When you leave, please leave a note

He sings a Frank Sinatra song then he turns his left eye yellow and begs her not to leave for this is not enough this is not enough it is suffocating it is like a stone on his chest like he swallowed a stone and it stuck in his chest not lower not lower not a single breath not a single note any more just colored papers everywhere blue- unlike his eye- and green- unlike nothing- he likes nothing not anymore and in the middle of the next night grass turns into sky the sun turns into his eye and the other way back takes his way back nobody sees and the other time everybody sleeps remember the other all of them sleep the others who were all these people sleeping in his bed; an exit is there has to be an exit it is real really real an exit with no door a freedom with no frame nothing but silent lips on the floor nothing but silent hips on the bed they move back and forth swing like hell a purgatorium with no reason with no reason with no problem at all get off now just get off me. He says.


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