Intro: I bought something for you, then I regretted

He gets on a bus that comes always on time; a seat is always there it ‘s eternally longing for him he has to sit down to stay safe he has to take care of himself he has to he always carries a shiny box he keeps thoughts and senses a fortune a number of zeros always always but somewhere has to be an exit; there has to be a magic point where all the other points meet where everything meets an opening to the outside but –Stop- what is the outside an emergency exit someone can see it while images disappear passing smoothly from the window as rain follows they are not there anymore but they were real really real he saw them; someone may see them again someone knows where all these ways lead to someone can find new streets to get lost in–Stop- in this line of human bodies he keeps dreaming of her body. I love you he says but the seat is not there any more. -Terminal.


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