Chapter 4. Don’t call me darling

It was no more no less no thing but a dream he would love to drink some thing some water some wine no thing more but -Stop- his lips are missing the water turns red the water turns blue the wine turns into water he wakes up no coffee mugs no biscuits just goodmornings made out of blood all is less never the less is more than ever he closes his eyes again no dreams not any more no dreams not any more he blinks he craves for her with every blink a memory disappears, he forgets her face, her name, her thighs, her lips next to his bleeding on the floor.
No thing to think to drink to whisper no flesh to kiss no more kisses in the mouth he said so before he thought so; no words worth telling he blinks again he aches more his yellow eye falls on the floor someone steps on it while dancing the sun is gone the moon turns bright the night is falling again and again and again he wants to see her just once. He’s falling like the night. Oh darling. She says.


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