Chapter 5. This world is not exactly what we dreamt of

He ‘s still in the frame he still stands still not much going on not much at all; something like forever keeps whistling while a woman is singing Nevermind it’s ok Hey Hey Hey Hates her for her song hates himself when he climbs over the rooftop with a stone instead of a tie tied in his neck a stone in his chest he stands still he still loves her everything; then life stops for a second he stares at the sky the clouds run higher and higher till they disappear the sky is empty now empty without her. He thinks. Nothing above now the singing woman now decides to kill now all the dead NOW she shouts then she shoots on the graves and sings Nevermind it’s ok Hey Hey Hey.

You just have to follow the line he says to himself he says so he thinks so but then BANG; Look at all these changes happened around look what happened to the world the sky is missing look at me craving for you He said Come and dine with me tomorrow She heard Come and die with me tomorrow; she leaves now she leaves him all alone somewhere outside of this world somewhere inside the frame with no sky at all not at all nothing but her. Emergency. Exit.


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