Chapter 10. I just forgot to take a breath

Then he left then he left nothing behind no trace no ticket not even a note that read I will be back soon don’t be scared if you miss me don’t you dare to miss me we don’t miss a thing from now on you are my only love my lonely love you are my Miss Forever Apart but apart from that he did nothing really nothing he just left he walked straight ahead and left and left nothing behind no trace no ticket not even a note no glance no promise no promise no rules we ‘ve said all that before. You can inhale now. He said.


Chapter 9. Then everything is said is done

Especially when things go wrong go right go left especially then when all is done is said that is done is here is near is closer to close too close too open then a heart shaped desire flies all over the city turns into a wheel something like a wheel but light everything is bright is colorful everything is said is done is dead is gone silence. For this fog all over above the heads underneath the feet into the shoes into the clothes into the bodies inside deeper deeper in this moment when everyone swallows fog greedily they want more than more they want more they want it all just for themselves and for no one else for all alone all of them alone with themselves all of them all white within. Frozen. I missed you. He says.